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The Market Leading Integrated Customer Data Platform

The Market Leading <b>Integrated</b> Customer Data Platform


The Real Audience integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) is built to integrate into your own technology stack and organization. You can add functionality by plugging into our extensive set of REST APIs, or let our team of experienced engineers build your features straight into the core.

In the cloud, but in your control

The Real Audience Integrated CDP is built to run in the cloud or on premise. The technology is designed to provide a world class service to both local and global users.

The platform is a machine learning driven CDP, packaged as an OEM. The state of the art technology enables you to build applications and services on top, allowing you to achieve personalization and optimization for your own system. The main Redshift/Cassandra data centers containing your user data, are highly secured and backed up in the cloud - keeping your sensitive business data well protected. When you are in control of the hosting you can feel confident that your highly valued customer data is out of reach for data greedy corporations, evil or not.

Full access to your own data

Standard CDP systems are traditionally delivered as SaaS services where you lack direct access to the databases used for raw data storage. Whenever you want to use your CDP’s raw data for internal applications such as product/content recommendation, analytics, invoicing, fraud monitoring or other technologies, the necessity of having access to your own databases becomes clear.

Some SaaS CDPs give you access to comprehensive API libraries that let you export some of the refined data stored in the database, but in order to do calculations on your entire dataset you need more comprehensive access. With Real Audience Integrated CDP you have full access to your own databases and all its content. Your limit is only your own imagination.

High end solutions

Understanding your content

Understanding your content

Understanding the digital content that your customers consume is an important part of what you would expect from your new CDP. When your content is analyzed and grouped, you can easily build audiences based on website behavior.

Whenever a user visits one of your non-indexed pages, the Real Audience Integrated CDP can either connect to your API to get the text content, send a web crawler to the page to read it or retrieve it directly from the page through the CDP’s lightweight Javascript. All texts are then contextually analyzed by a third party contextual analyzer of your choice. Out of the box, the CDP is integrated towards the market leading content discovery and contextual analyzer Leiki, but any provider you choose can be plugged in and used.

Intelligence from neural networks

Intelligence from neural networks

For the modern company it is not enough to group users based on their site navigation behavior. Instead, understanding your customers habits and intentions is getting more and more important in order to create real new revenues from the data.

The Real Audience Integrated CDP comes equipped with the powerful machine learning engine Spark ML. Out of the box, the Integrated CDP offers machine learning algorithms to figure out where your users live and work, but more algorithms could easily be added in order to analyze and understand your customers specific behavior. So just relax, the Real Audience data science team is well equipped to help you with whatever mindblowing algorithms you might want.

Creating a universal user ID

Creating a universal user ID

To really understand your customers interests, you have to take all of your customers browsers and devices into consideration. But how is that possible when your non logged in visitors visits you from a mobile phone on 3G  one day and from the home computer on Wifi another?

Real Audience is using both machine learning and an algorithmic approach to pair browsers and devices together. By using deterministic training data, it is possible to figure out with high certainty which devices belong to the same user. When the system detects that your customer uses a brand new device, all previous knowledge, created across devices, becomes available and is ready to be used.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

What do you do when you want to enrich your own data with 2nd or 3rd party data you buy from industry partners? How do you: set the deals, handle payments and differentiate between different types of data?

Luckily, the Real Audience Integrated CDP comes equipped with a data co-op functionality that keeps track of which company contributed what data. With the built in settlements functionality, you can then pay and analyse your different data contributors based on the type of data they provided. You can also set different prices depending on if the data is used in a probabilistic or deterministic computation.

Data protection & personal integrity

As the only Nordic company, Real Audience is a writing member of the GDPR Implementation Working Group at the IAB European Headquarters in Brussels. Working closely with leading policy makers and industry leaders, Real Audience is leading the way of the implementation of the new European data protection regulation and the updated cookie regulation. You can be confident that Real Audience takes personal integrity and regulations seriously.

Real Audience

Relational data support

Did you think relationships were an issue for customer data platforms? You’re living in the past my friend. The Real Audience Integrated CDP supports all type of relational data. Just hit it with your complex structures and let us surprise you.

Many input possibilities

Data can be sent to the CDP either through the lightweight data collection script, the built in webcrawler, through REST APIs or the Android & iOS SDKs. Support for smoke signals might come in the next version.

Comprehensive REST APIs

Through the built in REST APIs, you can get access to all refined data, such as imported data, calculated data points and constructed audiences. The raw data you access straight from the database. It is yours, remember?

First party cookies

Tired of CDP solutions with cookies that disappear every now and then? The customer is yours so the cookie should be too. With the Integrated CDP your domain owns the cookie. Psst.. it even works cross domain.

Easy DSP & SSP integration

If you plan to use your CDP for online marketing, we might be able to help you out! The system is prepared for DSP and SSP integration and our team has deep knowledge of how to interact with the programmatic landscape.

Real time availability

With many CDPs on the market you have to wait for hours before your data is available for usage. Tired of waiting? The Real Audience Integrated CDP is capable of exporting data seconds after it was created!

Let’s do business!

The Real Audience Integrated CDP is installed in your own cloud environment or on your own physical servers, and our team of experienced developers guide you through the entire setup process to make sure that everything goes as smooth as you expect. But before that happens you have an important choice to make!

The compiled version

The compiled version is the preferred choice for most companies. The Integrated CDP is of course installed on your cloud instances or your physical machines, but its source code is maintained and constantly updated by our experienced core developers. This way, you can be sure that you always have access to the latest updates with new features that are added. Whenever you need new functionality that needs to be built into the core, you just lean back and relax while we are adding it for you.

As an option, the instances used by the Integrated CDP can be maintained by our experienced team of infrastructure specialists. And whenever you struggle with something, our excellent team is standing by ready to assist you.

The entire source code

Some companies just have to have it all! When you go for this option, you can do core development on your own. This can be useful for companies that want to build CDP functionality natively into their other products. The code base is well documented and easy to follow for developers fluent in Scala and Clojure.

It goes without saying that this solution is a bit more pricey than the compiled version above. But not because it is better, but because you get access to all our little secrets. If you didn’t know how to build a groundbreaking CDP before, you will have all the knowledge you need after you bought a copy of the entire source code of the Real Audience Integrated CDP.

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Android and iOS SDKs

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